ACT! Online is a fast, easy and powerful way to help your workgroup sell more, serve customers better and be more productive - whether you're all in the same office or have people around the country.


With ACT! Online, your entire workgroup can access, update, and share complete customer information in real-time using any Internet connected computer - without database synchronization or additional software for remote users. Best of all if your sales people leave your data doesn't

ACT! 2012 Now Available. As low as $25 per user with low setup fees. Anywhere access to your data. With our NEW lease option you can get started with very little out of pocket!
- Access to real-time information means no synchronization!
- Low monthly fee.
- Secure data using our server.
- No issues with remote users ACT! is administered centrally.
- Use it like you use ACT! - no additional training.
- Fully functional and works with most add-ons
- When your sales team leaves your data doesn't.
- Mass personalized HTML email marketing.
- Available for PC and MAC - 24x7x365 Support


ACT! Functionality is available remotely

Your ACT! database is now available remotely. Nothing to learn no additional software to buy*. Click Here to request a live demo.


Office Suite .

Our solution also gives you Word, Excel and Outlook.

Remote Support .

We are able to instantly solve your problems quickly.

Unlimited Space .

In addition to ACT! you get unlimited shared server space.